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World Class Health Assessment Clinic Unveiled in Dubai

31st Oct 2017|Press Release

A brand new, unique, state-of-the-art health assessment clinic, nanoM, has opened at The Golden Mile Galleria, Palm Jumeirah – Dubai’s most exclusive destination and one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Developed primarily for the world of professional soccer and other sports, nanoM’s 17,000 sq ft facility will offer comprehensive analysis of individuals’ health, fitness, body functionality and physical performance capabilities.

Part of the Emirates Healthcare group – one of the largest healthcare providers in the UAE – the nanoM facility features a revolutionary Sports and Human Performance Laboratory, which houses a multitude of specialist equipment. This includes a bespoke indoor running track and a purpose-built battery of high definition cameras, operating at up to 12,000 frames per second, which monitor and analyse ‘whole body motion’ in minute detail.

The facility was devised and developed by orthopaedic consultant Dr Bikram J Singh, who has treated the injuries of sports men and women from around the world, including Premier League footballers. Dr Singh launched nanoM in a bid to provide the most in depth and advanced healthcare assessment that has ever been available under one roof.

Within the Laboratory everything from cardio-metabolic fitness and range of motion, through to muscle kinetics and hand-eye co-ordination can be analysed and assessed. These in-depth tests and assessments not only enable clients’ existing injuries and health concerns to be unearthed, but they are also capable of unearthing potential problems that may arise in the future, together with offering in-depth insight into how performance levels could be enhanced.

CEO of nanoM, Dr Bikram J Singh, said: “We believe the comprehensive analysis that nanoM provides will set a whole new standard of medical assessment for sportsmen and women around the world. We have brought together the most advanced medical technology and the best medical minds in their respective fields, to create a facility that is capable of exploring and examining every movement, every muscle group and every joint to the nth degree – or in nano detail, which is where the clinic gets its name.

“For us, this isn’t just about addressing existing issues on behalf of our clients; it is about unearthing injuries or concerns that may not yet have even begun to surface. By pinpointing these now, we can help to future-proof the careers, and lives, of our clients”.

Yazen Abu Gulal, Chairman of Emirates Healthcare, said: “We are delighted to welcome nanoM as an Emirates Healthcare company. Both the medical expertise on offer and the technology that has been put in place are truly world class, making nanoM the perfect addition to the Emirates Healthcare group.

“Like us, nanoM prioritises the health and wellbeing of its patients. We look forward to working with the team to welcome clients from all over the world into the clinic to see for themselves what a truly unique, cutting edge facility this really is.”

Alongside the extensive testing on offer for professional and former athletes, nanoM also caters to clients of all ages away from the sporting world via its comprehensive Medical Assessment Centre, which offers a host of in-depth health and wellbeing assessments including biometric testing, MRI scans and ultrasounds, heart and lung screenings and mental stress analysis.

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