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The Regenokine Program

The Regenokine® Program is a new non-surgical treatment for Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain. It was developed by a world-renowned molecular cell orthopedist from Germany named Dr. Peter Wehling. The Regenokine® Program uses the body’s natural healing abilities to reduce pain, improve mobility, restore function and reduce inflammation in your joints.

What does the Regenokine® Program treat?
The Regenokine® Program is used in treating virtually all joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. It is used to treat arthritic joints by reducing joint inflammation. This reduction in inflammation can minimize the effects of Osteoarthritis, including pain, loss of mobility and impaired function.

What are the benefits of the Regenokine® Program?

What are the components of the Regenokine® Program? There are 3 main components of the Regenokine® Program:

Regenokine® injections that use the body’s own proteins to reduce inflammation

Diet and nutrition to enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of the injections

Lifestyle and exercise for joint health and inflammation reduction

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