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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a medical specialty that addresses problems such as cartilage, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, and spine disorders. At Emirates Integra Medical & Surgery Centre (EIMSC), we work with the consultants and professors in orthopedic surgery. Consultants and professors have the greatest level of experience, and academic credentials so that our clients receive the best possible care. If surgery is required for neck pain, rotator cuff tear, dislocating shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, hip labral tear, anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL tear), cartilage tear, knee osteoarthritis, meniscus tear, jumper’s knee, stress fracture, Achilles problem, and foot bunion pain EIMSC is the centre of choice for well-being and success.

How Do Orthopedic Surgeons Help You?

4 Ways that Orthopedic Surgeons at EIMSC help your injury, joint or bone problem.
Orthopedic Surgeons are Great Listeners
The best doctors are the great listeners. As with many problems your history is very important. History provides the “meat” of the underlying problem. In many instances the problem is understood even before examination or review of imaging.

Orthopedic Surgeons are Thorough Examiners
To make sure that information that is communicated and understood by our orthopedic surgeons, an in-depth examination is performed. The examination confirms what is suspected by the orthopedist. Sometimes additional ultrasound investigation is also done by the orthopedic surgeon. Ultrasound checks for pain when moving a shoulder, ankle, hip, or knee. Examination is a powerful way to help confirm that a problem is present or not.

Orthopedic Surgeons provide Excellence in Imaging Review
Orthopedic surgeons have a big advantage as compared to other specialists. Not only do they get to speak to patients, but also, examine, and review imaging. In modern practice magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is the preferred modality to evaluate joint, bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon, and spine disorders. Looking at a MRI is almost like watching television on the inside of your body. Orthopedic surgeons review each and every MRI or other imaging such as computed tomography (CT) scan, radiograph (x-ray), or bone scan (DEXA) to make sure that your problem is truly understood before offering surgery. Many doctors only offer one piece of the puzzle, where orthopedic surgeons are really good all parts of examination of the bone, joint, ligament, tendon, cartilage, and spine problems.

Orthopedic Surgery: knowing what to do is key!!!
Although it is a good to have great technical skills as a surgeon, but a perfectly performed operation for the wrong reason does not work. Our orthopedic surgeons are skilled and experienced in making the right diagnosis and then following with the surgery using the best know how and state of the art tools. EIMSC is one of the few facilities in the Middle East that tracks all of the outcomes of treatments with our patient registry. If you want to know how many of these procedures that we have performed, and how well patients did after is right at our finger tips. This gives confidence to our clients that they are getting the very best treatment.

How Can Injections Improve Pain Previously Treated With Surgery?
One of the key offerings at EIMSC is being an international pioneer in the area of regenerative medicine. Utilizing one’s own cells and tissue to implant in areas where a joint, cartilage, meniscus, ligament, spine, or muscle is not working or is in pain. The targeted injection will then bring about repair, rejuvenation, or healing of that tissue or organ. Many problems once treated with surgery, are now being treated with injection therapy with great levels of success.

Activity & Fitness tips
Orthopedic surgeons encourage and empower patients to be active, keep their weight down. Every extra kilo adds 6 kg of force in activities like running, 3 kg of force in activities like brisk walking. Not much activity is required, only mild to moderate exercise 3 times per week is needed. Today we see so much preventable problems, especially affecting joints. Just requires a bit of proactive behavior on our part.

Reasons & Causes
Joint pain can result commonly from injury, developmental conditions, lack of essential nutrients, dehydration, inactivity, carrying extra weight, and improper exercise.

Remember the acronym DILIGENT: D = define the problem. I = injections such as stem cells and PRP or plasma can be used to treat conditions that previously we performed surgery. L = love yourself, you need to take care of your joints if they are to keep you mobile, independent, and active for a lifetime. I = instill good behaviors in the areas of lifestyle, sleep, water intake, and exercise. G = goals are important direct our lives with intent, nothing happens by chance, we are the sole architects of our lives. E = exercise for fitness and wellness. Regular exercise is a very effective way to combat depression, maintain healthy weight, and have great sleep. N = nutrients are the building blocks of our lives and are essential to excellent joint health. Be encouraged to visit a nutritionist or dietitian to help create a program that helps to get the most out of life. T = time. Take time for yourself to re-center, re-focus, and take care of what is most important in life.

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