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Kieron Pollard visits the futuristic nanoM sports clinic in the UAE before the Indian Premier League (IPL)

27th Mar 2019|News

Cricketer KieronPollard, who will play for the Mumbai Indians Team in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2019) starting on March 23rd, visited nanoM Healthcare, an Emirates Healthcare company, earlier this month.

Pollard underwent a variety of health assessments at nanoM, the Dubai-based state-of-the-art sports and human performance facility, including an ECG, a BodPod test, 3D biomechanical analysis of his bowling and batting and a V02 max test – which determines the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during physical activity.

Pollard, who also had consultations with nanoM’s expert doctors, said, “nanoM is very impressive; they have all the equipment and technology to assess sports professionals under one roof.”

Dr Jennifer Walsh, Head of Sports and Human Performance at nanoM, said, “We were pleased to host Kieron Pollard at our facility, which is designed for athletes who want to enhance their performances, address existing sports injuries and prevent potential injuries. In line with Dubai’s aim of becoming a hub for medical tourism, nanoM is at least a decade ahead of its time.”

nanoM performs comprehensive assessments for amateur and professional athletes that play a variety of sports, including football, golf, cricket, tennis and mixed martial arts.

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