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Frank Lampard

Throughout his decorated soccer career, Frank Lampard was regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats. He remained at the heart of Chelsea Football Club’s midfield for over a decade and, during that time, achieved a record run of 164 consecutive Premier League appearances. On the international stage, meanwhile, Frank played more than 100 games for England, scoring on 29 occasions.

Since retiring from professional football in February 2017 Frank has gone on to forge a successful career in punditry and analysis. Health, fitness and wellbeing, meanwhile, remain of paramount importance to Frank.

Frank's Journey with EMIRATES SPORTSMED

Like every EMIRATES SPORTSMED customer, Frank’s health assessment programme was designed specifically to meet his own individual needs. The programme was devised, co-ordinated and delivered by EMIRATES SPORTSMED’s team of medical specialists.

Medical Assessment Centre

stage one

Detailed Medical Consultation

“Going back ten years, this is the kind of facility that I would have loved to have access to. To have everything here, under one roof, is so unique and it means you don’t need to visit multiple clinics, and see multiple doctors and surgeons, for different issues.”

- Frank Lampard

stage two

Core Medical Testing

“As a player, or even as a club, if you’re able to assess existing injuries and pinpoint potential future issues, then that could go a long way towards preserving playing careers, and that’s a win for everyone.”

- Frank Lampard

stage three

Vision and Hearing Analysis

“Typically, patients looking to undergo hearing and eyesight tests will need to visit individual specialists. But here at EMIRATES SPORTSMED, tests such as these can all be done in-house, under the direction of our world class medical staff.”


stage four

Dental Health Screening and X-rays

“Footballers are busy people – they don’t have the time to travel around and see lots of different specialists in different locations. This solves that problem and brings everything under one roof. But more than that, the standard of testing available here is really something special.”

- Frank Lampard

stage five

Heart and Lung Screening

“Injury is such a big topic in football right now. If you’re a player at any level, you need to know about your own body and about any issues that might crop up in the future. At EMIRATES SPORTSMED you can have an all-over check, from head to toe, so that’s a big plus for professional footballers, even those who feel fit and healthy. It gives you that peace of mind.”

- Frank Lampard

Sports and Human Performance Laboratory

stage six

3D Posture and Spine Assessment

“3D posture analysis was something that Frank had never undergone until he visited EMIRATES SPORTSMED. Using our advanced 3D camera technology, alongside a physical examination, we were able to assess Frank’s posture and spine alignment in minute detail and provide unparalleled insight into potential complications with health and physical performance.”


stage seven

isokinetic testing

“My medicals were very simple in the earlier stages of my career. Now, with technology like this, I’d be surprised if we don’t see players - and clubs - coming here and undertaking far more thorough assessments.”

- Frank Lampard

stage eight

Jump and motion analysis with joint kinematics

“By functionally examining the strength, speed and power of muscle groups within Frank’s body, we are able to outline which muscle groups require development, and how that development could enhance Frank’s physical performance levels whilst also reducing injury risk.”


stage nine

hand eye coordination and reaction time

“Different sports require very different skillsets but hand eye co-ordination and reaction time are key factors across most sporting disciplines. By assessing Frank’s reaction capabilities, hand-eye co-ordination and peripheral vision, whilst also carrying out sport-specific drills, we can get an in-depth understanding of where his strengths and weaknesses lie when it comes to agility, co-ordination and response time.”


stage ten

cardiovascular and metabolic fitness assessments

“This is exactly the kind of facility that players today will really benefit from, especially when you consider that the technology they have here can help to pinpoint potential issues before you even know about them. That’s something that could genuinely have a big impact on how players detect and respond to injuries, which can only be a good thing.”

- Frank Lampard

“I’ve never seen a facility like this,
where everything is under one roof.
I think this is the future.”

- Frank Lampard


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