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Astana Pro Cycling Team visit nanoM Healthcare

16th May 2018|News

In the lead up to the Dubai Tour, which starts on Monday 6th February 2018, the top teams in the world of professional cycling have started arriving in Dubai. Since the teams were last here in 2017, nanoM Healthcare has opened its doors and this week will see a number of the Pro Tour Teams visiting the new facility to see how they could utilise the unique mix of healthcare and sport and human performance testing for their riders.

Alexandr Vinokurov, General Manager and Sergey Yakolev, Sports Director of Astana Pro Cycling Team join Dr Ramzy Ross, Head of Sport and Human Performance at nanoM Healthcare

The first team to visit nanoM Healthcare was Astana. Alexandr Vinokurov, the General Manager of the team and Sergey Yakolev, Sports Director, joined the team at nanoM Healthcare for a tour of the facility and to understand how its approach to athlete health and performance could be applied to the the professional cyclists, and support staff of Astana.

The tour of the facility focused on the holistic approach to athlete performance that nanoM Healthcare is able to provide and was led by Dr Ramzy Ross, Head of Sport and Human Performance. Through the tour the Astana team were able to understand how at one facility athletes of all abilities can receive a full complement of tests including MRI, X-Ray, blood markers, stress markers and allergy tests, ECG and echocardiography, Ultrasound scanning, and a full suite of dentistry, optometry and audiometry to test the full range of visual and auditory senses of athletes.

Once an athlete’s medical history is understood it is time to move into the Sports and Human Performance Laboratory where the athlete can be tested using the state of the art equipment. The tests can include everything from advanced body composition and 3D posture analysis, through to a full range of cardiovascular performance related measurements including VO2, exercise efficiency, carbohydrate/fat metabolism and lactate thresholds profiling. This can all also take place within a 3-D camera capture zone so the athlete’s biomechanics can also be reviewed in great detail.

Dr Ramzy Ross explaining the 3-D camera system and force measurement that is available at nanoM to Alexandr Vinukurov and Sergey Yakolev of Astana Pro Cycling Team.

All patient data at nanoM Healthcare is stored on its secure, proprietary patient portal which allows all medical professionals involved in the care of an athlete to access all the key information when they need it. This unique patient data system means that the full understanding of vitamin deficiencies, allergies, stress or postural issues on performance can be immediately addressed.

nanoM Healthcare is the perfect destination for cyclists of all abilities to come for all of their testing. Understanding ones VO2 and the thresholds profile, and their relationships with measures such as power output and heart rate, is key to ensuring that every training session can be tailored to the requirements of each individual allowing them to get the most out of themselves.

Before they left, we asked Alexandr and Sergey to add their signatures on the nanoM Healthcare wall.

Alexandr Vinokurov signing the nanoM Healthcare wall.

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